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Develop your skills

Starting your career with Schenker-Seino

Are you interested in logistics and thinking of starting your career in this industry? If you are in addition looking for a job in a multicultural environment with a great diverse team and exciting opportunities, we might be the right choice for you.


Logistics is a great industry.

You don’t agree with us? You think logistics is boring and just about driving forklifts (which is actually a lot of fun)? Then first have a look here. Maybe we can convince you to the contrary.

If you already feel that logistics is the right industry to start your career in, then we are on the same page. Now you’ve chosen an industry you would like to work in, the next step is finding the right company. And that’s where we come into play.

Learning from the best

Maybe you have never really heard of Schenker-Seino Co., Ltd. That’s okay. Unless you are a manufacturer or retailer, the chances that you’ve ever worked with us are quite small. Because unlike other logistics and transport companies you might be familiar with, we only provide services to other companies (B2B) and not private persons (B2C).

Maybe you have heard of DB Schenker, one of shareholders? No? No problem.

DB Schenker is a group company of Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) and is one of the biggest transport and logistics companies in the world. Just to show you how big, here are some numbers:

  • DB Schenker has 2000 locations in 140 countries (that’s almost everywhere).
  • Over 68,000 people work for DB Schenker.
  • DB Schenker serves more than 700,000 customers throughout the world.

To provide the best service possible for customers in Japan DB Schenker decided in 2002 to work together with one of the biggest Japanese trucking companies, our second shareholder Seino Holdings.

  • Seino has 660 terminals throughout Japan.
  • It operates 25,300 own trucks.
  • 29,100 employees work for Seino in Japan.

And the result of this cooperation is us, Schenker-Seino. We are a German-Japanese joint venture combining the strengths of two major players in the logistics industry.

  • We are already over 50 years in the Japanese market and are growing continuously.
  • We are present at 19 locations in Japan (offices and warehouses).
  • 520 people work at Schenker-Seino.
  • We have many delegates representing us in other countries.

You want to learn from the best?

From transportation to complex supply chain management services, we are experienced in all areas of the logistics industry and would be happy to share our knowledge with you.

Every year many new graduates join our company. They do not only have the opportunity to experience the work in one department but also gain deep insight into our entire operations and services.

Don’t settle for second best. With us you become a real professional in the industry.


Working in a truly international company

Industry insight and experience are great but maybe not everything you want.

Are you interested in traveling, languages or foreign cultures? You probably are, if you are interested in logistics.

At Schenker-Seino employees from all over the world come together and create a great multicultural environment. When walking through our offices you can listen to many different languages and interesting stories. We not only encourage diversity, we live it – as a company that combines European (DB Schenker), Japanese (Seino) and American (BAX) influences and aims on connecting the world with its services, we naturally do.

Starting your career with us, you not only get the chance to work with many diverse people but also to travel the world or work in one of our overseas offices.

Afraid, that your language skills are not good enough?

No worries. Nobody expects you to be perfect. Only to be curious. We help you develop not only your industry or work related knowledge; we also support you with leveling-up your language skills. In addition, chats with colleagues in the lounge or fun gatherings after work will make you feel confident in next to no time about using foreign languages in every situation.

Only for boys?

To all the ladies out there, I know what you are thinking right know. “That’s all well and good but logistics? That’s a masculine domain. No chance for me.”

Sure, logistics still carries the image of being a strongly male dominated industry and there are many companies where women are quite underrepresented.

But, not at Schenker-Seino.

We don’t believe that our jobs can only be done by men. But by the best. We are looking for open-minded, creative and flexible people. Globetrotters and self-starters. Coordination talents and communication experts. Not for men or women.

And that does not only apply to our hiring process. We encourage our women to aim high. We provide equal career opportunities. If you are willing to take over responsibility and develop yourself, all doors are open for you.

Want to listen to the voices of our female staff, take a look .

Applying from overseas?

Finding a job or internship in your home country is quite a challenge. But applying for a position overseas can be really overwhelming.

Don’t worry. We don’t leave you alone with your first job or internship in Japan.

Whether visa application or tips for finding a nice place to stay, we support you with getting your new life in Japan started. Many of our colleagues come from overseas or have been living in another country for a longer time. Therefore we understand your concerns and help you to quickly acclimatize to the new surroundings.

You will see, with us, working overseas can be a lot of fun! 

Last modified: 10.05.2017

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