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Keep things moving

Logistics - One job that connects the world

Let’s face it. Logistics isn’t really a “sexy” industry. Or is it? Before you delete it from the list of industries you are interested in, here some things that might make you change your mind.


It’s half past six in the morning. Monday morning.

Almost nobody is out on the streets. Of course nobody is. It’s half past six in the morning. Monday morning!

Only you are. On your way to work. Having a long – very long - meeting ahead of you. The chances that you will escape the meeting room before lunch are close to zero.

You are tired. So tired.

It’s cold and a little rainy.

You’re feeling miserable.

The only silver lining, a coffee. A warm and bracing coffee from your favorite coffee shop.  With the nice shop assistants, who always look happy - even at half past six on a Monday morning.

With your last ounce of strength you reach the shop and order a coffee.

The shop assistant stares at you. Something is wrong. She doesn’t look happy. Her face looks rather sad. Why does she not look happy? And where on earth is your coffee?

“I am very sorry” she says “I am very sorry” (she apologizes twice which means it must be very bad) “We cannot serve you any coffee today. We ran out of beans. The delivery is delayed.”

Half past six in the morning. An endless meeting ahead. And no coffee.

That must be the darkest day of all.


Logistics in everything

Such things do not happen, you think? Your favorite coffee shop always provides you with delicious, life-saving coffee?

You are right. Such things normally do not happen. Coffee shops, supermarkets, car dealers, pharmacies – all of them provide you every day reliably with what you need: Coffee from Brazil, t-shirts made in Malaysia, car parts produced in China or cough drops from the U.S.

But, have you never wondered how those goods from all around the world get into the shelves and storage rooms of shops and stores? At the right time?

The answer is: logistics!

Logistics keeps things moving. It is the driving force behind every supply chain – the process that connects procurement, production, delivery and after sales to a single seamless flow. Making sure that the customized PC you ordered online reaches you in shortest time. Or that the phone you broke gets repaired and returned back to you in perfect condition.  

Your image of logistics might be the simple shipping of goods from A to B via airplane, truck or ship. That’s of course not wrong.

But logistics does so much more.

We manage complex processes like triangle shipments e.g. solar panels of a Japanese maker produced in China and sold in Europe. Cash flows and the flow of goods of such businesses are extremely complex and require the expertise of professionals. Logistics professionals.

We manage the inventory of huge warehouses by using logistics IT systems that can collect and analyze big piles of data. Based on such data we optimize work and cargo flows, which saves our customers money and time. And nerves.

And those are only a few examples of what we do.


Challenging and fun

Without logistics the world might keep turning, but the flow of goods and people would just stand still.

Preventing that is our mission.

To keep things moving, we plan, implement, measure, evaluate, improve, consult and calculate day by day. We are project managers, customs brokers, operation specialists, engineers, supply chain managers and business analysts. Globe trotters, consultants, problem solvers and cultural ambassadors.

We are everything, but boring.

We stand on the forefront of innovation. We integrate the latest technologies and systems into our work. We cooperate with all industries to help them be more productive, efficient and profitable.

We make a real difference. 

If you are looking for a job in a challenging and interesting environment where every day is new and exciting you might want to consider logistics as the place for you after all.

Want to know more? Contact us. We would be glad to talk with you – if you want over a cup of coffee.

Last modified: 11.10.2016

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