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Footprints – domestic and abroad


For delivering your cargo fast and reliably or providing warehouse space wherever you need it, a dense network is crucial. We combine DB Schenker’s world-spanning network with Seino’s tightly knit domestic infrastructure and add 20 own locations in Japan.



Whether for advice or trouble shooting, we are always around. Schenker-Seino has offices at 10 locations spread from the very north to the very south of Japan, including all important airports and harbors. In addition we manage 9 warehouses throughout the country.

But that’s not all. We can also utilize the dense network of our shareholder, Seino Transportation, one of the top domestic transport service providers and owner of 660 terminals in Japan.


Japan Map with Schenker-Seino locations

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Wherever you need to go, we are by your side. We can rely on the extensive global network of DB Schenker with around 2,000 locations in some 140 different countries.

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Last modified: 28.09.2017

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