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Logistics solutions for the Retail Industry that fit like a second skin

While being a big market with great opportunities for the fashion industry, Japan also poses many challenges on the importers of apparel items and accessories. We help you bring your products to your customers - saving your money, time and nerves.


Japan’s apparel market is one the biggest and probably most colorful in the world, offering fantastic opportunities to grow your business. 

However at the same time it is rather demanding. This applies not only to the high service requirements customers have. Especially the multitude of rules and regulations can make it extremely difficult to bring your products fast and effectively into the market.

Just to give an example: While you can choose freely which trucking company delivers your products to the big department stores in most countries, Japanese department stores accept only deliveries operated by a handful of selected service providers. Of course, this list looks different for all department store chains.

Without knowing such exceptions and rules – and there are a lot in Japan – it will certainly cost a lot of money, time and nerves to get your products to your customers.

So wouldn’t it be great to have a partner who knows its way around in the Japanese market, and still operates according to the international standards you’re used to?

With 50 years of experience in Japan we know about the great potential here. But also about the difficulties you face. To help you overcome these challenges and successfully do business we offer you flexible logistics and transport solutions as well as counseling and advice at all times.

At the same time we carry out our operations according to global standards and keep you up-to-date at any time.

We utilize DB Schenker’s extensive network to transport your cargo quickly and safely from production sites to your stores and customers. Even if your factories move, one of our 2000 locations in 140 countries will be within reach.

But we do more than just transport your goods.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Save time. With our global network we find the fastest routes for your cargo. From anywhere to any destination.
  • Space when you need it. We make sure your goods will be shipped when you want them to and arrange for vessel space also during peak times.
  • 24/7 visibility. Our latest track & trace systems keep you informed about the status of your shipment at any time.
  • Concentrate on your core business. We take care of transport, customs clearance procedures and distribution so you can set new trends.
  • Know whom to talk to. We have one contact person for all your questions and problems.


Customs Clearance

Customs regulations are a science in itself. Especially for the retail industry where tariff codes differ from small things such as texture or where buttons are sewed to the shirt.

But don’t worry, our specialized customs brokers take care of all customs related matters.

And with our newly acquired AEO license we can handle your imports even more flexibly than before.


Our services for you:

  • Customs clearance of return/ repair shipments
  • Import of items manufactured from animals that fall under the Washington agreement
  • Goods intended for ATA Carnet exhibition purposes
  • Imports that fall under a tariff quota
  • We manage all your data that is needed for customs clearance


Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Environmental awareness is an important topic for us. DB Schenker is working hard on further developing eco-friendly and sustainable transport solutions to reduce the impact of our industry on the environment.

Japanese green maple, iStock

Following our eco standards we find the best routes to lower your carbon emissions. Furthermore we strictly monitor our own suppliers for the compliance to these standards.


Special service: support for your stores

Our special service for store projects and shop decorations helps you with the logistics of props you need for window displays or your store events. We collect your exhibits and other goods from all over the world and bring them hassle-free to you. This also includes of course customs matters and returning the cargo after your event is over. 

We make sure your store project is a success.


Can we help you navigate through the waters of the Japanese fashion market? Contact us today!

Last modified: 11.10.2016

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