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Air freight solutions

Air freight – perfectly timed

Do you have cargo that needs to be shipped speedily and on time? Our air freight solutions are the perfect fit for time-critical deliveries to destinations around the world.


Air freight shipments are costly. Rates can be up to ten times higher than those for ocean freight. But we know, you have good reasons for choosing air.

Whether customers who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of ordered products or production chains that need parts or equipment to move on, timely delivery is crucial for a business’ success.

We understand the pressure and expectations behind every air shipment.

Therefore, timeliness is not an empty promise for us.

But we do more than just deliver your goods on time.

Whether airport-to-airport, door-to-door or something in between, we flexibly adjust our services to your needs. We take care of your transportation tasks while you can concentrate on your core business.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Keep your costs reasonable with competitive rates
  • Get space even for last-minute shipments
  • No weight or size restrictions for your cargo
  • Our in-house brokers manage even complex customs procedures reliably and quickly
  • Always be up to date with our e-track and trace solutions


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Last modified: 11.10.2016

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