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Service overview - your benefits

Efficient supply chain management is the key to the success of many businesses. In reverse, its break down can impact your customers’ satisfaction and your bottom line dramatically. We help you keep your supply chain in perfect shape!


Supply chains are a tricky thing.

Although they affect almost everybody’s life every day, they are barely recognized. Even more, they are increasingly taken for granted as a part of a company’s service.  

Smooth supply chain management is therefore the key to high customer satisfaction and the basis for a business’ success. On the other hand, a badly functioning supply chain can cost you time, money and eventually your customers. Not to mention, your good night’s sleep.

But, great supply chain management is easier said than done. Globalization and rapid structural changes make it increasingly complex and tough to handle. So, all you can do is focus all resources and time you have on your supply chain and hope that your efforts pay off…


Really? Of course not!


This is where we come in. As logistics service provider we take care of parts of or your entire supply chain, all according to your requirements. It is our job to keep your supply chain in best shape and add value until the finish line. We do not only prevent interruptions but also continuously optimize your processes to save you time and money.  

We provide you with the service package that matches your unique situation.

Be it general supply chain solutions, industry solutions or further additional services.

You need warehouse space in Japan or somewhere else in the world? No problem. Our 19 offices and warehouses nationwide and Schenker’s 2,000 locations in 130 countries provide you with the space you need. Moreover, we are also always within reach should you need us.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reduce the risk of supply chain interruptions, by having experienced logistics specialists design and manage your flow of goods.
  • Get the solutions you really need. You don’t need end-to-end solutions? No worries. We adjust our services to your requirements and manage only those parts in your supply chain you want us to.
  • Be care free. Warehousing, transportation, customs clearance, value added services, visibility and much more. And all that from a single source.


Wondering if we are the right service provider for you? No matter if you are a small business, just starting out or already established in the market. Our mission is to support you and satisfy your customers. We are by your side, helping you grow.

You want more in-depth information on our contract logistics services? Contact us today!

Last modified: 11.10.2016

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