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Industry solutions

Ocean freight solutions tailored to your industry

Are you shipping precious, sensitive or perishable goods? No problem for us. We make sure that your cargo arrives in the best condition.


Will there be any disruptions in the cool chain during the weeks at sea?

What happens with my precious wine bottles in the container?

Does the salty air damage my food stuff?

Sending food stuff, drinks or other sensitive cargo thousands of kilometers via ship is a scary thought, isn’t it?

Not with us.


With the right equipment and many years of experience, we make sure your goods get to their destination as cold, as fresh, as ventilated and dry as required. Even during many weeks at sea we control all important conditions and offer extra protection and full-time observation.

We provide special ocean solutions tailored to the following industries:

  • Wine and other beverages
  • Perishable products including luxury food like chocolate or cheese


Want to know more? Contact us. Our experts will be glad to consult with you on the right solution for your perishable or sensitive cargo.

Last modified: 11.10.2016

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