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Taking every challenge

Integrated logistics solutions for global projects

Oversized or heavy cargo. Destinations with little to no infrastructure. Hundreds of tasks to be managed over years. Industrial projects present many logistic challenges.


How do you best transport a 600ton tank to another continent? What options are there to move heavy weight machines through rough terrain? What to do when there is no road, harbor or airport near the destination?  

Being responsible for a large scale project can mean many sleepless nights. But not with us!

With 30 years of work in the business and many successfully completed projects, we transport your goods safely and quickly to their destination. Our project logistics experts handle all your requirements with utmost care.

Even if tasks seem impossible, we utilize our experience and resources to make things possible.


Preparation is the key

We accompany your project from the planning stages since we know that the success of a project can stand and fall with its preparation. We provide support in administrative matters, cost estimates and visit origin and destination sites together with you. Of course we also keep in close contact with overseas offices, suppliers and vendors. You can leave everything us.   


Getting things moving

During the transport itself we handle the preparations and packing. According to your requests we then ship the parts using land, air or ocean freight, or a combination thereof.


Always by your side

Regardless of the complexity of the project we always offer high class, flexible service and close cooperation. If necessary our staff joins you directly at your facility or on the project site for a lengthy period of time.

We place great value on our partnership with you at every step along the way until the finish line.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Get tailor-made solutions even for super heavy or oversized cargo and to destinations with incomplete infrastructure. With 30 years of experience we always find a way to deliver your shipments.
  • Be care-free. We can handle the entire logistics of your project including planning, consulting, implementation, documentation and more.
  • Work with a reliable partner you can trust. Our mission is to build a strong long term relationship with you based on mutual understanding and professionalism.
  • Get quick answers. We assign one dedicated contact person who supports you.


Our Services for you:

  • Handling of oversized and super heavy cargo
  • Transportation logistics, planning and consultation
  • Physical multi-modal route surveys up to site with full-cost & technical analysis
  • Coordination with overseas offices, vendors, suppliers
  • Follow-up of purchase orders and expedited cargo deliveries
  • Complete export packing and preparations
  • Transport by truck, rail, barge, vessel, aircraft and all combinations
  • Heavy lift operations
  • Support in governmental and customs formalities to enable smooth customs clearance and delivery to site


Do you want to learn more about our services for your large scale project? Our global projects team is happy to answer your questions.

Last modified: 11.10.2016

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