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Acting ecologically

Green and sustainable logistics solutions

Environmental and climate protection are major challenges to deal with in the upcoming years. We help you handle this responsibility by offering advice and green products.

With 22% the transport sector is the second largest generator of CO2 emissions worldwide. And unlike in other industries, where carbon emissions have been falling in the past years, they have been rising steadily.

To break the link between CO2 emissions and the growth in transportation we have set high aims for ourselves. As part of the global DB Schenker network we want to become an eco-pioneer in the logistics industry.

In the following triangle you can see the relevant areas of action. (For further explanations please click at the graphic.)

Enlarge imageDB Schenker Eco Triangle, Schenker-Seino

As a first step we are working on reducing our own ecological footprint by optimizing operations in our offices, terminals and logistics centers. Additionally we strive to select the most environmentally friendly suppliers in purchasing and put in place an appropriate environmental monitoring system. This also applies to subcontractors.

Contact us today to get to know more about what we can do for you to make your transport and supply chain greener

Last modified: 11.10.2016

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