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DB Schenker Cultural Diversity

Diversity @ DB Schenker

We are proud of our diverse workforce and we are ready to foster it further more. We aim to create equal opportunities for all employees regardless of gender, age, nationality, religion or sexual orientation.

Employees are the core of our organization; we are working on becoming Top Employer and we will reach this goal only when we empower all the strengths of all the different employees.

Diversity helps us:


  • Speak the language of our customers and investors
  • Fulfil requirements in tender processes
  • Create an innovative environment within the company
  • Support open idea exchange and continuous improvements
  • Become a top employer and support our image as a modern and innovative place to work
  • Adjust HR Marketing to succeed in the war for talents
  • Be ready for the demographic change
  • Create the foundation for a company culture characterized by diversity and internationalization which better prepares us to deal with changes
  • Prepare employees to act in the international area
  • Avoid demotivation and low productivity due to (felt) discrimination
  • Retain employees with different backgrounds
  • Diversify decision making to create more unique business solutions

We have launched several initiatives and projects that are aiming at increasing Diversity, promoting success, celebrating differences, showing that we can be unique – not like everybody else – and be successful.

Below you can read some of our planned and “running” initiatives:

“More women in operational management” – we aim to have more women in leadership positions in the operational field, so we are working on mentoring program, development and career planning, marketing and onboarding programs.

Diversity awareness and unconscious bias trainings – will be available for almost 70,000 employees.

Diversity game – via the playful activity we tackle the topic of Diversity and support the culture of change.

Success story sharing – only by setting a good example and sharing success stories, we can encourage each other.

Women’s networks

Various diversity programs – are steered globally and local diversity initiatives are encouraged and supported. As an example of local/individual activities, we have Women in Business groups. Please see some information about them.

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Let’s drive our culture….

…where Diversity is an ASSET to foster higher GROWTH…
…where we are proud to promote and prompt ALL our high potentials…
…where we ARE what our competitors WANT to be…
…where we are a FIRST CHOICE for young graduates and experienced candidates…
…where our daughters and sisters have the SAME OPPORTUNITIES as male peers…